5 vital tips to increase your Shopify Earnings

5 vital tips to increase your Shopify Earnings

At the beginning of the journey, most of the retailers find it challenging to increase Shopify earnings. You will have to keep your customers happy, concentrate on the traffic, find trending products, manage the cash flow, and many other fundamental aspects that could limit your focus on the Shopify earnings. Yes, we know this hassle from A to Z and don’t want you to get fed up with Shopify and give up. The tips that we are going to bring you today are applicable to Shopify experts as well as rookies. With that being said, let’s dive in and see what we have for you to offer.
How to increase your Shopify Earnings.

5 vital tips to increase your Shopify Earnings

1. Limit operating costs

Cutting down operating costs is one of the easiest ways to escalate your Shopify earnings and profit margins over time. However, you should know the costs you can reduce as some of the expenses may vary from one to another. Before you start shopping, you must do an audit on labor costs, office utility costs, taxes, insurances, advertising costs, and maintenance expenses to identify where your chunk is going.

You can then think of cutting and reducing costs, and choosing the right technology can always come in handy in saving your money and time. For small business owners, cutting operational costs can be little tricky; but, with a clear plan with a proper mindset you can grow your Shopify earnings by reducing unnecessary expenses.

2. Work on the trustworthiness of your business

This may sound very obvious, yet, you will have to work hard with Shopify affiliates to build trust in order to get more and more business. Trust is an essential element of a business, and it doesn’t come to you overnight; also, don’t expect it to be a cakewalk. You should make buyers comfortable when they visit your store to draw them back again for future business. Also, you should understand the trust-building and trust-breaking factors.

The homepage of your store should always be eye-catching and must bring a good impression on the new shopper’s eye. The site should be easy to navigate through, and you should always provide an authentic story about your brand and the business. Social proofs and good customer reviews also play a pivot role in building trust. When you build trust with your browsers, you will notice a gradual and stable increase in your Shopify earnings.

3. Focus on average order value

If your goal is to increase Shopify earnings, one thing you definitely pay your attention to is the average order value. You should implement certain strategies to increase the amount one customer spends while they shop. Inside Shopify (https://www.shopify.com/)there are customer reports to figure out the AOV. Also, there is no lack of apps in the Shopify store to determine this stat. Once you get the exact amount, you can think of the following aspects to increase the AOV.

  • Product recommendations

Adding product recommendations will spontaneously force your buyers to add more items to their shopping cart. Again, honest reviews and testimonials from previous buyers would help you with this.

  • Minimum order incentives

You can encourage buyers to purchase more products by placing minimum order values and discounts. As an example, depending on the product or products, you can provide a discount of 10% when they purchase more than $100, likewise. Creating a bundle of products also falls into this strategy.

  • Deals and sales

You can run temporary deals and special sales for selected items to increase your Shopify earnings. If you can have deals for several matching products simultaneously, the buyers would have little to no chances to visit another store for their requirements.

  • Loyalty programs

Creating customer loyalty programs is one of the best and easiest methods you can establish to gain more profit from the existing customers, and it will cut down the costs of acquiring new buyers as well. You can facilitate them with a reward scheme for their purchases through a point system. Once they accumulate a certain number of points, you can provide them with the chance to purchase products matching the amount they have earned through the reward system.

5 vital tips to increase your Shopify Earnings

4. Increase the prices

It’s a no brainer explaining the connection between raising prices and Shopify earnings. However, this has to be done with utter care because it can simply draw your potential buyers to somewhere else and apparently your business will become a failure. However, if you are a reseller, a raise of tiny little amount won’t do any harm to your business, instead it would do miracles. Also, if you have unique products which buyers have little chance to find in some other place; you can definitely shift the prices without much of an issue.

You can also test with different price levels at different times on various products to see what goes best and when it hits the sweet spot, you can stick with that price for an extended period. Remember that you don’t want to destroy the hard-earned trust by increasing the price simply for higher Shopify earnings. Always, keep an eye on the customer insight reports to see how the price increment behaves.

5. Find correct products

You don’t want to put all your money, time and efforts towards the products that don’t generate sufficient income. In some cases, you may get a heap of sales but less profit, there are certain products that generate fewer sales with high yields. So, you must always know what suits you the best and where to invest your efforts. Finding trending and high profitable products is not rocket science. Read this article to see top trending products on Shopify in 2021 (https://www.myshopifytips.com/2020/09/top-trends-for-2020-based-on-pinterest.html)


Shopify is a lucrative eCommerce platform where you can earn some good money; there is no argument in it. However, we have seen sellers worrying on the Shopify earnings date because of lack of the profits they gain; although they are fully committed to the work. The purpose of this article was to bring solutions for this frustrating situation, and we think we did a good job of describing how to increase Shopify earnings. There is more to discuss on this topic, and we will bring you more in-depth content in the future. Until then it’s a wrap from us. Have a great day. Cheers!

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