Listing Athleisure Wear on Shopify for Beginners

Listing Athleisure Wear on Shopify for Beginners

What is Athleisure?

The word Athleisure is the combination of two words “Athlete” and “Leisure”. Athleisure is a form of hybrid clothing used in sports, exercise, and everyday wear. They are available for both men and women. We can categorize it as a part of modern fashion.

Initially, sports clothes were introduced by the name of activewear. But slowly activewear became popular outside the training grounds. Since they were very comfortable, people started wearing them at workplaces and home. After these trends, the fashion industry created another form of more attractive clothes that are both lightweight and breathable. These were termed Athleisure.

Why you should have Athleisure in your dropshipping store?

Now that you know about what are Athleisure, why they were created, and why they are used, let us talk about why you should list them in your dropshipping stores.

Athleisure is a widely preferred form of clothing all over the world. Therefore, the demand for them in online stores is also very high. Many famous brands offer a wide variety of athleisure wear. But, the price tags for these items keep many people away from buying them. This is where dropshipping comes in. It offers a cheap solution to those who can not afford to buy them from famous brands.

For the past few years, they have been trending in all dropshipping stores and are a source of major sales. According to an analysis, they have a monthly search volume of approximately 58,000. A major portion of this traffic comes from the United States. Therefore, it can prove to be a major hit for your dropshipping store.

How to find an Athleisure Wear Wholesaler?

Handling Athleisure wear can be very tricky. This is because multiple wholesale dealers are providing different qualities of a product. Therefore, you should choose one wisely so can fulfill your customer’s requirements. The following are a few things that you should keep in mind before choosing an Athleisure Wholesaler:

  • If you find a wholesaler, look for them in the industrial directories. These directories audit traders and provide information about their credibility.
  • Visit their website and look for reviews if they have a section for it. These reviews usually cover all the truths and lies about the products.
  • Do thorough research on your well-performing competitors. It will tell you about the products and brands that are in-demand.

Where can I find Athleisure wear at wholesale rates? Have you made your mind to listing athleisure in your dropshipping store? Do you want to find some reliable wholesale manufacturers? Well, you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of wholesale athleisure manufacturers for you, so you do not have to surf the internet for hours.

1. Title Nine:

Our best pick for the athleisure manufacturer is Title Nine. They are the largest independently owned company based in America. Title Nine is famous for women's fitness clothing.

2. Royal Apparel:

Royal Apparel is a name of quality in the United States. Their products are 100% guaranteed to be sweat-free.

3. Slyletica:

Slyletica is known to provide affordable and quality products. This is the best place to buy Athleisure. They also offer some amazing discounts on bulk orders.

4. Monob Clothing:

Monob Clothing is a 10 years old company based in the United States. Their products are long-lasting and affordable.

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