What is Walmart Dropshipping?


Walmart dropshipping

Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping?

    First, What is Walmart?

Founded in the United States, Walmart is one of the world's largest grocery chains. Walmart also operates a chain of discount department shops as well as a chain of supermarkets. To put it simply, Walmart is a global powerhouse of commerce. This was Walmart's first effort into e-commerce after it established itself as a grocery market. This is the first time Walmart has a well-designed online marketplace that provides both grocery delivery and in-store pick-up. As a result, Walmart is now well known in a number of countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, China, and others.

    You might also be wondering what Dropshipping is

Items are sold through dropshipping, in which the vendor does not keep or ship any products. A third-party provider fulfills orders instead. However, thanks to Walmart's rather unique marketplace, it's excellent for dropshipping.

Vendors will have accessibility to a big market on Walmart.com that is less competitive than platforms such as Amazon They can attract a larger audience than they could by starting afresh with an internet business.

A wide range of e-commerce techniques are employed by Walmart. When a client places an order, Walmart gets the product transported to its warehouse, and then ships it to the customer as soon as possible. DSV stands for Drop-Ship Vendor, and it is a Walmart initiative. After accomplishing various arrangements, a vendor can act as a dropship provider and deliver the product straight to the customer.

When a customer places an order with Walmart, the order is handed on to the vendor, who subsequently fulfills the purchase by sending it to the customer. The vendor may be required to send the goods to Walmart's warehouse even if Walmart has completed both contracts with a drop-ship provider. Due to the massive magnitude of consumers Walmart attracts, walmart can help dropshippers. Providers can become dropship vendors with the use of several techniques such as the dropship vendor API. In addition, this API allows the seller to keep track of tasks such as sales and stock as well as payment history, etc.

It's probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about dropshipping: setting up your own Shopify store.

Another thing? Marketplace dropshipping. When it comes to getting first purchases and using current traffic on major dot-com domains, marketplaces are a wonderful option.

Even if most entrepreneurs start with Amazon or eBay, it may be in your best interest to additionally take a close look at Walmart.

Online sales produced by Walmart's rapidly growing online marketplace totaled $35.86 billion this year. In addition, it accounted for 6.7% of all US online sales. Walmart is anticipated to account for 7.1% of all US internet sales this year. A dropshipping firm that uses Walmart as a sales channel may make a lot of money.


The answer is yes, Walmart allows dropshipping in three distinct methods

  •   Create a drop-shipping account with Walmart
  •   Resell Walmart goods on Amazon or eBay
  •    Retailers can use Walmart's marketplace to sell drop-shipped items.

Let’s examine these options:

1.        Assuming the role of a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV)

Entrepreneurs may become suppliers through Walmart Marketplace. In this scenario, you're acting as a manufacturer or distributor supplying Walmart with merchandise. The DSV program allows you to either send products to a Walmart store or deliver them directly to the consumer.

2.       Walmart products can be resold

Because you have to buy the things and have them sent to your location, reselling Walmart merchandise is different from typical dropshipping. When using a dropshipping technique, you don't get to enjoy the benefits of a more simplified manner of doing business.

3.       Walmart's platform for dropshipping

You may sell dropshipped items straight to Walmart customers by using dropshipping providers. Dropshipping directly from Walmart to your consumers isn't allowed, however dropshipping on the Walmart marketplace is allowed



1.           Walmart-to-eBay-dropshipping

How do you go about selling the finest goods from Walmart on eBay? Before anything else, you must upload the items into your online store. As a result, your consumers may view the items on your online market. If you want to give your consumers with all of the information they need, you may add product descriptions, photos, and multimedia to your website.

A personal assistant might also be hired if you don't have the time or money. Also, bear in mind that you'll need to stay on top of things.

For example, there are websites that keep you informed about any adjustments in your product's pricing. You may automatically update your product pricing if the supplier changes it. As a bonus, it calculates the shipping cost for you. eBay customers may be linked to Walmart using the AutoDS Helper Chrome add on.

2.           Walmart to Amazon dropshipping

E-commerce firm Amazon is also a major leader in the field. According to reports, it's the world's largest internet marketplace. You have chosen your product, checked all the boxes, and are ready to deliver from Walmart to your Amazon customer. That part is easy.

If you're a seller on Amazon, you may mail your goods straight to your consumers. As a result, you need not worry. It's reassuring to know your consumer is in excellent hands with Amazon, which also delivers really rapid service.

3.           Dropship from Walmart to Shopify

E-commerce platform Shopify is one of the most widely used platforms in the world. It's straightforward to use and quite safe. If you want, you can trade as many items as you want.

It's safe to say that Shopify is one of the most trustworthy ways to create your own online specialty. How do you dropship from Walmart to Shopify?

Shopify offers a free trial of their platform. You have nothing to worry about! Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay is a procedure that begins when you create your Shopify store and add your items to it.

Dropshipping on Shopify is also less expensive than dropshipping on other marketplaces.

A dropshipping solution like as Oberlo or Printify makes it easy to dropship on Shopify. Using these applications, you can quickly locate your supplier, which in this case is Walmart, to ensure that your items are delivered on time and in good condition



Walmart has a lot to offer ecommerce businesses. If you shop at Walmart, you'll have access to a well-known, trustworthy environment consisting of high-quality items, quick delivery times, and outstanding customer service.

    Dropshipping on Walmart has the following advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: Walmart does not charge a fee to open a store or register to sell on its platform. Only a referral fee is required for each sale.

Fast delivery: Next-day delivery is available through Walmart's logistics partners. Your chances of getting repeat business increase when your clients are happy.

Sell a wide range of items: More than 35 product categories are available at Walmart. Check the company's Prohibited Products list to make sure your product doesn't appear on it.

Launch quickly: Walmart dropshipping relieves you of time-consuming tasks like shop design and branding, so you can focus on beginning your business instead of worrying about the small stuff like that.

There are a few problems to be aware of while dropshipping on Walmart. First and foremost, you'll need to exceed your competition in order to gain client loyalty.

And there are regulations about how you price things since Walmart always aims for the cheapest cost possible.

Though small firms and first-time businessmen encounter many difficulties, a wide client base and inexpensive overheads make up for the difficulties they face



Because of this, you will get out of Walmart dropshipping with what you put in - just like any other business strategy! As of 2020-2021, Walmart Marketplace's online sales grew by 79 percent. Walmart is even creeping up on the world's largest internet retailer, Amazon.com, in terms of sales.

Walmart dropshipping takes a certain amount of subtlety, though. The rules must be learned, a plan chosen, and a commitment made to growing and improving continually. As a precaution, make sure the following things are in place:


As an online merchant, dropshipping relieves you of a lot of burden. You'll learn about both the good and bad sides of using Walmart as a dropshipping provider in this post. You're ready to launch your Walmart dropshipping business if you keep these factors in mind.

Bonus Tip:

Indeed, many people shop at Walmart because they think the prices are good. If your items on Walmart are more enticing than those of your rivals, you may easily make more As a result of its capabilities, automated Walmart dropshipping is feasible. Starting dropshipping on Walmart with a reputable wholesale dropshipping provider is unquestionably the superior option.

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